Rowen Writes: Mister Mustachio

My sweet #1 turned 9 in February. She is feisty, brilliant, stubborn, and amazing. Her creativity and imagination amaze me, and I am frankly, pretty darn proud to be her mama. 

As a final project for school, she wrote this 5-page story starring a character from her imagination, a reluctant super hero named Mister Mustachio. And it goes like this: 


 He's a superhero with a super-suave mustache, and he goes on adventures fighting crime with his cats! Coolest premise for a comic series ever or what? 

Idea: Mr. Mustachio Summer Storytelling

Now, I had this idea - if you are a teacher or a mama of kids in an age group who would be interested in this - I'm thinking ages 5-11? What if we wrote our own Mr. Mustachio adventure? All you'll do is write your own Mr. Mustachio story, OR draw a picture of Mr. Mustachio and his crime-fighting cats, post it and then link back here. We'll gather up as many as we can!