Spring Shebang! 60% off Classes & New Site!

I'm pleased to announce that JessicaSprague.com is being redesigned and moved to a brand-new platform! 

Here is a preview of the new site! 

Here is a preview of the new site! 

Awesome, right? I can't wait! Of course I'll continue to offer the world's best online classes for digital crafters - in fact, now they'll get even better. With a redesigned, fully-responsive classroom, you'll be able to quickly view every part of the site from devices of any size, and access all your videos with just a few clicks. New table-of-contents and video-embedding features will make learning a breeze. Want a sneak peek?

This is a preview of the classroom!

This is a preview of the classroom!


New Classes, New Platform

Starting with my NEXT CLASS (read on for more on that!), all new classes will be created on the new class platform. When the new site launches, you'll find some of the newer classes available there as well.

But what about the older classes? 

Older Classes Become Archives

Rather than trying to mass-update or move all my older classes to the new  platform, we've frozen all the older classes into a permanent Archive. This means that while they won't be moved or updated, you'll still have easy, permanent access to EVERY CLASS you've ever purchased using the Archives link from the new site.

Spring Shebang! 60% Off Archive Classes!

You've probably realized that since I'm not moving the older classes to the new platform, most of my classes will never be for sale again in their current format. Before they disappear forever on May 1, I want to extend the invitation to you to grab up some of these classes to add to YOUR collection. And I'm offering them at a GREAT discount: 60% off of their original prices. $700 worth of classes! Check them out:

click here to shop the sale!

Note: If you're feeling really hungry, you can purchase the Whole Enchilada for 70% off. These are skills and knowledge to last a lifetime, but the sale ends May 1 at noon

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

I'm excited for the new changes, and looking forward to many more classes with you at JessicaSprague.com. With much love as we ride into the future together,