Building The Brand of You |

I've been creating online classes in Photoshop for 10 years. Even saying that (or typing it, I guess) astonishes me. TEN YEARS. And for 2018, I've decided to do something new. 

Rather than making courses only for Photoshop hobbyists, I have decided to teach a course specifically geared toward creative small business owners. 

It's called The Brand of You, and if you are starting or growing a small business in 2018, I'd like to invite you to register! 

2018 Is YOUR YEAR!

2018 Is YOUR YEAR!

The course is 10 AWESOME weeks long, and includes instruction in both brand AND image development, so you get all the cool idea-generation, as well as detailed, step-by-step Photoshop tools to DIY your brand and step out into 2018 in gorgeous style. I am SO excited about this new venture. And I'm SO excited to help creative women succeed! Join me, won't you? In Brand of You.