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How to Extract from Patterned Paper

Hey there! I'm excited to bring back some Photoshop Friday fun! I found this really cute patterned paper from Carta Bella, and I really wanted to use it in a design, along with an embellishment of the same type. Since there weren't any in the kit, I decided to extract an embellishment from the paper itself. Download the full-sized paper below, and then watch the video to see how to extract an embellishment from patterned paper!

I hope you enjoyed learning with me today!

If You Only Take ONE Online Class In Your Life, This Is It.

Register for my Photo Editing Class!

I didn't know it then, but when I got my first digital camera, my life would change forever. In the (roughly 12) years since, I've taken tens of thousands of photographs on various cameras and devices, trying to capture the breathtaking beauty of the simple life that surrounds me. In the end, our photographs are the primary way we capture our memories and stories, and this makes them infinitely precious. I know you're the same way - you there, with at least three ways of taking photographs within arm's reach of you at all times? Yeah, I can see you. And I can tell you that when you combine your photographs with some edits in Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshopthey will truly make your heart sing. I'll show you how!

Learn My Brilliantly Simple Editing Process

This course focuses on global editing - things you can apply to an entire photo. You'll learn the basic photo editing process I use for all of my own photos, plus extra techniques to take them to the next level! You'll take photos straight from your camera (or device), through simple transformations that will have you (and your loved ones) saying WOW! You'll love what an incredible difference you can make to your own precious photos. There's nothing like the rush! I swear!

After you've got the basic process down, then the fun begins! In the remaining lessons in our course, we'll start with the basic editing process, and then I'll show you how to use Lightroom or Photoshop to:

- Adjust settings such as white balance, exposure, vibrance and color to create GORGEOUS color-drenched or crisp black-and-white photographs every time

- Crop perfectly

- Create great black-and-white and tinted photos

- Create a braggable "before & after" image to show the difference your edits make

- Add a vignette

- Sharpen for screen or print

- Straighten

- Save for both print and the web

and more!

Want a peak at what we're making in both Photo Editing courses? Well, check out this really cool black and white transformation!

Right now, all courses, including the Photo Editing courses, are 20% off! That's a great deal! 
Hurry because the sale ends December 31!

Need a gift for the GEEK in your life? I've got gifting options for each class, so you can make their holiday EXTRA bright, without even using adjustment layers! HA! Click here to find out how to gift!

Are you still paying attention? I hope so, because I'm about to spill some insider information. There are 2 new fun courses going to be available for preorder very very soon.. like within the next couple of days, possibly hours. One is a really neat album that I know you'll love and enjoy. The other is Digi 5, the next in the Digi series! I cannot wait for you to see what cool things I've got in store for both of these. You're going to love them both!

Take your Photos from Good to Great!

Think back to the day you got your first digital camera. Boy how our lives have changed, right? I didn't realize all that could be done, all the memories I could hold onto. Now we can take photos all the time!   From phones to cameras to tablets... there are always photos to be taken, memories to be saved, a lifetime to savor.

In honor of our first digital cameras and ALL the photos we've taken since, I'd like to announce not one but TWO new photo editing classes, so you can take your pick! Each class is just $69 with the links below!

Photo Editing 1: Lightroom Edition

You've been asking for it, and here it is! My first-ever class for Adobe Lightroom! Are you as excited as I am? WOO!


In the Photo Editing 1: Lightroom Edition class, which launches November 3, I'll show you how to make easy global edits using the world-class Lightroom application, designed by photographers for photographers. If you've subscribed to the photographer's bundle from Adobe, this is the class for you! I'll show you how to combine easy Lightroom edits with the power of special techniques in Photoshop to create photos that will make your heart sing. I promise. You'll

Best part yet? I'm offering this class at an introductory price, more than 20% off with this special link. Regular price is $89, and you'll get the class for $69!

Register for Lightroom Edition

If you'd like to check out Lightroom, click here to grab the 30-day free trial

Photo Editing 1:Photoshop Edition

For Photoshop CC, CS6, CS5, and any version of Photoshop Elements!

If you only take ONE Photoshop class in your life, the Photo Editing 1: Photoshop Edition is it! (of course, if you've taken a bunch, this is still it! Ha!) Of all the things I could share or show, the one that will make the MOST impact on you as a memory keeper is the skill of editing photos.  


In this class, which begins November 3, I'll show you how to use the free plugin included with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements called Adobe Camera Raw, and then we'll take our photo right into Photoshop to make it sing! You'll learn how to make colors pop, how to turn photos black and white, add treatments such as tints and vignettes, sharpen, and save for both print and the web. You'll be armed with knowledge that will last you a lifetime, and will change your photos forever.

Best part? Right now you can get $20 off the original price! Check it out! Regular price is $89, and you'll get the class for just $69!

Register for Photoshop Edition

Regardless of which edition you choose, Photo Editing 1 is the place to start for editing those precious photographic memories. I can't wait to show you! Register today!

Scheme On, Episode 1

I love color schemes! First of all, I just love colors in general. Secondly, I love seeing new ways to put different colors together. I was asking myself what I could do that would make color scheming even more fun and useful and amazing than it already is. :)

In this tutorial-slash-episode-one, I'll show you a great new color scheme, plus an inspirational quote of some kind (see below), and PLUS, the Adobe color swatch file with these exact colors in it! No more sampling out and hoping for the best - you can load these in whenever you need to, and you'll have them forever.

First up, the scheme itself. Like so:


So there's the scheme, and it's time to download the swatch file!  Just click on the button above. This file will come in as a .zip file, and when you unzip it, you'll find both the color scheme preview and file, which is the Adobe color swatch file extension. Once you have that, you're ready to load it in to Photoshop! See the video below!

I recommend that you keep both the swatch preview as well as the swatch itself in the same folder - just dump them all in the same one - so you can have an idea of what the colors are in that particular swatch when you're loading them. Have fun, and scheme on!

Adobe Creative Cloud: Weighing In

So a couple of days ago, Adobe announced that the next release of Photoshop (as well as almost all of its other applications) would start being offered as part of a monthly subscription to the Creative Cloud. I'm still stewing on this, but I thought I would weigh in anyway, because I really want to know what YOU think, and what your plans are.

What it Is

Essentially, what will happen is that the next version of Photoshop (coming in June) will be called Photoshop CC, and will only be available through the Creative Cloud. It will still be the desktop application we all know and love, BUT access to it will only be through paying for a monthly subscription ranging anywhere from $10/month for JUST Photoshop to $50/month for everything.

As for Photoshop Elements, the only information I have been able to find is a year old, so I don't know whether Photoshop Elements will continue being released under (as Adobe calls it) a "perpetual license" or whether it will join the Creative Cloud, or whether it will go away forever at some point. So far, Adobe isn't saying.

Adobe has gone to great lengths to tell us how awesome it is, that it's the wave of the future, and that really, this benefits US much more in the long run. They've created a lot of articles, and FAQs to that effect. Adobe execs even say that they've surveyed their customers and the reaction is overwhelmingly positive:

"Overwhelmingly, when you compare the people who've complained about the new model to the people who loved it, it definitely skewed heavily to the new model," he said. "Obviously we would not be making a decision this big if the percentage of people in that category was so big it was the wrong thing for us to do."

But wow. WOW. I don't know where the people are who loved it - maybe they don't have internet. Because every Adobe article, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, basically anywhere anyone can post, is brimming with outrage. Just read to the bottom of any of the articles I've just linked for a little taste. And despite the good things Adobe says we're getting, it seems that regular users aren't the only suspicious ones with regard to motives here. 

Most of the arguments I've seen take one of a few different tacks:

  • Never Get Ahead. With a monthly subscription, you pay x, which is a lot smaller than the outlay for a new version (Y), but in the long run (say ~3 years), you'll have ended up paying Y+, and still not own anything. Rinse. Repeat. Forever.
  • You Own My Ass and I Don't Like It. Adobe has been the industry standard for so long, that there aren't any other products even close to the level of implementation and acceptance. We have no place else to go, and that bites.
  • No Way Out. Adobe hasn't said this out loud, but if you subscribe and then choose to discontinue your subscription, you'll lose access to all of the files you've stored in the Creative Cloud - AND depending on how long you've subscribed for, who knows whether your crusty old version of CS6 will even open anything anymore? Locked in forever.

To give you a completely irreverent (and also hilarious) idea of what the reaction has been, take a look at this YouTube video called "Hitler Learns About Adobe's New Creative Cloud Model". There are several swears in the "subtitles" You have been warned.

This reaction video on YouTube is hilarious and also has swears in it. You have been warned.

This reaction video on YouTube is hilarious and also has swears in it. You have been warned.

My Take on The Outcry

They make it sound entirely reasonable - like a car lease (they don't make that comparison). You essentially rent a car for a set period of time, and then return that car and get a newer car in exchange, which you then rent. I do think that leasing cars is probably a very acceptable way to roll (ha!) for many people, the people who prefer shiny and new over the security? satisfaction? victory? of owning the title to the vehicle. I just don't know any of those people.

I think there's a very strong sentiment toward ownership in America. It's been the American Dream for 60 years to own a neat little home in the suburbs. (n.b. I own a neat little home in the suburbs). We like HAVING.

We're used to BUYING things and having the knowledge that at least this is ours forever - especially something we need for our jobs. And barring that, we at least enjoy having a few choices - if I don't like my internet provider, I have the option to switch. What makes this move of Adobe's particularly scary is that there really is nothing that any of us can do. I think this is the driving force behind the level of outcry.

True Confessions: I've Already Joined Creative Cloud

I haven't actually participated in any of the posts/rants/mobs, because for me, it hasn't made much sense NOT to go along. Two weeks ago, I signed my whole team up for the Creative Cloud for Teams for $40/mo per seat. In my line of work, 5 of us have to be on the most current version of Photoshop, and we use Illustrator and InDesign regularly. I've been buying upgrades of the Creative Suite at every release for years, so spreading out the pain is fine with me, and if I want to be in the business I'm in - teaching people how to use this stuff - it will always be this way.

But What About Photoshop Elements?

But the main question in my mind - and in the minds of every hobbyist who uses Photoshop Elements (which at this point still makes up about 75% of the students at, is what is going to happen to PSE?

I know it doesn't pay to speculate, but I can't help it. There are really three ways this could go:

  1. Adobe continues releasing PSE like it always has - as a downloadable or boxed single product that you license and own. Typically these are released in September/October every year.
  2. Adobe folds PSE into the Creative Cloud, so it becomes PSE CC and part of the full subscription or as a single-app subscription
  3. Adobe kills PSE altogether, essentially forcing everyone who uses it to switch to the Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC or ... nothing?

In this specific regard, I don't have any insight into what will actually happen. In the long run (2 years? 3?), I think Adobe will move toward offering everything as part of Creative Cloud. Lightroom 5 will be sold as a standalone AND part of the Cloud, which might give us a clue as to what will happen with Elements. 

So - your turn: What do you think will happen with Photoshop Elements? What's your plan with regard to the Creative Cloud? If Elements goes away, will you join the Creative Cloud at the single-app price? Or will you dive in to the whole Cloud? Or walk away completely?

I am anxious to hear what you've got to say!