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If You Only Take ONE Online Class In Your Life, This Is It.

Register for my Photo Editing Class!

I didn't know it then, but when I got my first digital camera, my life would change forever. In the (roughly 12) years since, I've taken tens of thousands of photographs on various cameras and devices, trying to capture the breathtaking beauty of the simple life that surrounds me. In the end, our photographs are the primary way we capture our memories and stories, and this makes them infinitely precious. I know you're the same way - you there, with at least three ways of taking photographs within arm's reach of you at all times? Yeah, I can see you. And I can tell you that when you combine your photographs with some edits in Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshopthey will truly make your heart sing. I'll show you how!

Learn My Brilliantly Simple Editing Process

This course focuses on global editing - things you can apply to an entire photo. You'll learn the basic photo editing process I use for all of my own photos, plus extra techniques to take them to the next level! You'll take photos straight from your camera (or device), through simple transformations that will have you (and your loved ones) saying WOW! You'll love what an incredible difference you can make to your own precious photos. There's nothing like the rush! I swear!

After you've got the basic process down, then the fun begins! In the remaining lessons in our course, we'll start with the basic editing process, and then I'll show you how to use Lightroom or Photoshop to:

- Adjust settings such as white balance, exposure, vibrance and color to create GORGEOUS color-drenched or crisp black-and-white photographs every time

- Crop perfectly

- Create great black-and-white and tinted photos

- Create a braggable "before & after" image to show the difference your edits make

- Add a vignette

- Sharpen for screen or print

- Straighten

- Save for both print and the web

and more!

Want a peak at what we're making in both Photo Editing courses? Well, check out this really cool black and white transformation!

Right now, all courses, including the Photo Editing courses, are 20% off! That's a great deal! 
Hurry because the sale ends December 31!

Need a gift for the GEEK in your life? I've got gifting options for each class, so you can make their holiday EXTRA bright, without even using adjustment layers! HA! Click here to find out how to gift!

Are you still paying attention? I hope so, because I'm about to spill some insider information. There are 2 new fun courses going to be available for preorder very very soon.. like within the next couple of days, possibly hours. One is a really neat album that I know you'll love and enjoy. The other is Digi 5, the next in the Digi series! I cannot wait for you to see what cool things I've got in store for both of these. You're going to love them both!

Invitation Suite

My sweet niece Juliette is getting married in August, and she asked me to design her invitations. Of course I said yes! They wanted a chalkboard invitation, and gave me some of the words that describe what they wanted their wedding to be like, and I took that and ran. Here's what the result is.

Invitation suite by Jessica Sprague

The invitation arrived in a woodgrain pocket from Cards & Pockets, with the invitation on the left and the photo card and Details card in a staggered stack on the right.  Their colors, royal blue and olive green, are represented in the intertwined hearts on the tree branch.

Invitation suite by Jessica Sprague

At the bottom of the photo card is a quote that says "Love is a Sheltering Tree" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 

Invitation suite by Jessica Sprague

And here's the entire suite together, with the invite, photo card, detail card (complete with a QR code with a link to their wedding web site), inside the pocket.  

I'm so proud of the way these turned out! They love them, and it was so much fun to be able to contribute to their special day.  

The printing was done on pearl paper by Rex at Scrapping Simply, who does beautiful printing on everything from invitations to photo books to 12x12 digital pages (his speciality). You can check out our standard printing at Jessica Sprague printing, or contact me and I'll put you in touch with him for custom printing.