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Digital Scrapbooking with Photoshop, Class 5

I am excited to introduce Digital 5: Creativity Comes Alive! This intermediate-level class is the newest in my digital scrapbooking series for Photoshop. (If you're a beginner, check out my FREE beginner's class, Digital 1: We've Just Begun)

What to Expect

In Class 5, we continue with intermediate-level techniques to grow your Photoshop skills beyond the basics. I'll be right there with you in my HD video screencast as I walk you through FOUR complete digital scrapbook layouts. Each lesson is between 40-50 minutes of video, and each layout is packed with techniques that coordinate together, but also stand alone as useful & practical tools in their own right. (I mean, learning how to make text look like it's on fire is great, but it's kind of a one-trick pony, you know?)

Mixing and matching these techniques with others in your arsenal, you've got the "fixings" for dozens more layouts. But what exactly will you learn in Digi 5? Here are some specifics.

Lesson One: 5 Things I Love

This digital scrapbook page looks cute, AND contains a wealth of techniques you'll love. You'll learn how to:

  • Add four different patterned papers to create a unique background
  • Use the Photoshop drawing tools and a creative selection technique to draw a ring-shaped clipping mask AND its white outline
  • Create a three-photo block with a black matte
  • Create a block-style letter from a numeric font (introduction to the Polygonal Lasso tool)
  • Load and stamp four different brushes
  • Use Photoshop layer Groups to keep the layout pieces organized

And of course we'll save our page for print and for the web, so you can share it with friends and family no matter where they are! Record the stories of your life AND learn great new techniques in Digital 5.

Instead of hundreds of dollars (based on community college course costs), this class is $49. Yep. And you'll learn the best of the best techniques: How to combine images, brushes, photo edits, and type into great finished projects. 

As always, this course is self-paced, and will be available to you FOREVER at

Make Some Memories for Valentine's Day

Memories should be kept, especially ones full of love. Whether it's a special someone, a family, a friend, or your kids, show them and the world that you are full of love with these wonderful Valentines kits from Snap Click Supply Co!

Brand New Intermediate Digi Class!

I'm so excited to announce my newest digital scrapbooking class, Digital 4: Coming Back for More! Check out this promo video for a great sneak peek of what you'll make!

The course is $25, and is available for pre-registration right now! The entire class goes live on June 29!

Click here to register for Digital 4!

NOTE: If you've taken classes with me before, Digital 1-3 is roughly equivalent to the old Up & Running class. Digital 4 is roughly equivalent to the first half of Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop. The series will continue through Digital 5 and 6 to finish out the intermediate level by the end of 2015, and then Digital 7-9 and 10-12 will correspond with Digi: in Deep and Digi: In Deeper, respectively. If you have questions about content, don't hesitate to contact me!



Photoshop Friday Episode 1: Oversized Photos

Welcome (back) to Photoshop Friday! I am so excited to bring Photoshop Friday back, with my older episodes FREE, and we are starting off with a bang!

For those of you who are new to Photoshop Friday, you are in for a treat. Every week I will bring you 3 short video tutorials that will teach you a new technique in Photoshop that you can then use on digital scrapbooking layouts, hybrid layouts, cards, and so much more. Before you know it, you will have a whole arsenal full of cool Photoshop tricks. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week, I will feature tutorial videos from my past Photoshop Fridays. 

In addition to the video tutorial, you will receive a layered PSD template to make your own digital layout and you will receive a PDF instruction sheet. Not only do these PDFs have all of the video instructions in written format, but they also are full of gorgeous layouts from our Creative Team. They will show you how to take the technique you learned and apply it to a different layout for a whole new look. How cool is that?!

Ready to get started? Today we are going to focus on oversized photos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not let your photo take center stage? I will show you how adding an oversized photo to your layout will amp up the drama and create a cool effect that you will want to recreate again and again.

Photoshop Friday Episode 1 by jessica Sprague: Create an oversized photo

Photoshop Friday Episode 1 by jessica Sprague: Create an oversized photo

Step 1: Downloads

2. Download the printable PDF instruction sheet here. Make sure that you have the most current version of Adobe Reader found here.


Step 2: Video Tutorial

Here you can watch the video tutorial. It was filmed in Photoshop Elements, but it works the same in all versions of Photoshop.

Step 3: Complete & Share

Create your layout with the Photoshop Friday template and customize it with your own pictures and digi supplies. When you are done, tag us or share it on my Facebook page, Pinterest it and let the world see the beauty you've created! I would love to see your creations!

Retiring Classes: Digital Scrapbooking Series

Well friend, I've been teaching digital scrapbooking for a long time: I started in the middle of 2007 with 240 students in my very first class, and have taught or remade almost a dozen month-long classes since then. Among all of the classes in all their iterations, tens of thousands of students have learned Photoshop and built their creative skills with me as their guide, and I have loved it. Right now (until December 31), you can take the entire four-class series, which includes intermediate, advanced, and expert techniques for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. January 1, the three more advanced courses will retire from sale.

Of course, the skills you learn in these classes go way, way beyond making pages to preserve the stories of your life. You'll learn all the important Photoshop tools, and techniques with type, brushwork, page composition, pattern, embellishment, and photo enhancement that will knock your socks off!

Digital Scrapbooking 1: Up & Running 

The series begins with Digital Scrapbooking 1: Up & Running with Photoshop, which is new from 2013 and is NOT retiring - you'll be able to register for this class after December 31 or give it as a gift - but right now it's on sale for 25% off.

Up & Running with Photoshop - Digital Scrapbooking class 1 of 4

Up & Running with Photoshop - Digital Scrapbooking class 1 of 4

Digital 1 is a really BIG class - containing TEN individual lessons and all the supplies you'll need to create these pages and dozens more. This class starts at the very basics with how to open and close files, how to add embellishments, paper, and type, and then progresses through creating various pages until you're making complete scrapbook pages on your own. 

Digital Scrapbooking 2: Now We're Rockin' (Retiring)

Was $59

Now $29.50

After you've finished the beginner class, you'll want to begin deepening your skills with the techniques I teach in Now We're Rockin' with Photoshop. This class is divided into four intense lessons, rather than ten smaller ones, and also includes midweek lessons and a huge exclusive bonus kit. If you're looking for an item for someone who is interested in furthering their digital education, this class is it!

Now We're Rockin' With Photoshop - Digital Scrapbooking class 2 of 4

Now We're Rockin' With Photoshop - Digital Scrapbooking class 2 of 4

This class is retiring from sale on December 31, so be SURE to grab it while you can! Any class you register for (or give as a gift) will be available to you forever at Instant and permanent, the best kind of love! 

Digital Scrapbooking 3: Digi In Deep (Retiring)

Was $69

Now $34.50

When you're looking to really dive deep and hone your skills, it's time for my advanced class, Digi: In Deep! 

This class also contains four really intense lessons, plus between-lesson activities and a huge kit you'll love! This class is the time to really begin speeding up your digital workflow, with hotkeys, presets and shortcuts for drawing, masking, color correction, cropping and more!

We'll use custom shapes, create simple and complex selections, and of course - lots and lots of masking! We use gradients, adjustment layers, selections and shapes to create masks of every kind. You will LOVE the amazing art you can create with these techniques!

Digital Scrapbooking 3: Digi In Deep class 3 of 4

Digital Scrapbooking 3: Digi In Deep class 3 of 4

This class is also retiring from sale on December 31, so be SURE to grab it while you can! Any class you register for (or give as a gift) will be available to you forever at Instant and permanent!

Digital Scrapbooking 4: Digi: In Deeper (Retiring)

Was $79

Now $39.50

The final class in my digital scrapbooking series is Digi: In Deeper, and if you are a Photoshop user with 1+ years of solid experience, this class is for you! In this challenging class we dive deep into Photoshop techniques of course, but we also explore design principles and different styles of making work. 

This class contains TWELVE awesome lessons divided into four different visual styles, including clean/graphic, freestyle, shabby, and whimsical. Each lesson begins with a sketch, which you'll be expected to complete before beginning the video lesson that demonstrates that layout's techniques. You'll love the independence you gain in this class format, speeding through the basics you already know and jumping right to the fun stuff! 


This class is also retiring from sale on December 31, so be SURE to grab it while you can! Any class you register for (or give as a gift) will be available to you forever at Instant and permanent!

The intermediate, advanced, and expert digital scrapbooking classes are all 50% off, and frankly, I am sad to see them retiring in their current formats. I'm so proud of these classes, and thousands of students have taken the entire series from beginning to end. I think learning how to get around in Photoshop is a life skill - one that has a learning curve, certainly, but this investment is one that you'll be grateful for and use for the rest of your life. Imagine being able to make that 50th anniversary album, or that special wall decor gift, or a poster for your kid's school, a flyer for your church meeting. These skills easily translate to anything you can imagine, and give you the creative tools to make those a reality. I believe that. 

As you can see, I love this too much to really be going anywhere. I'll be exploring and teaching and sharing digital scrapbooking, memory keeping, photo editing, storytelling, family history, and general geekdom forever, I think. But when it's time for renew and refresh, it's time. I hope you can take advantage of these classes while they're still available and 50% off - you can take them at your own pace forever after that!

Don't hesitate to leave comments or feedback or questions in the comments here, ok?



Photoshop Friday Summer #1: Extract a Pattern

Happy Photoshop Phriday and the first Friday in June! Can you believe it? My kids get out of school on MONDAY, and the whole summer stretches ahead of us, filled with possibilities.  

One possibility for today, however, is to grab my brand-new Photoshop Friday Summer Baker's Dozen series, which will keep you learning through my weekly tutorials throughout the entire summer - all 13 weeks between now and the end of August!  

With the discount you'll receive, each tutorial, with its video lesson, Photoshop template, downloadable/printable PDF file, and extra goodies is only a couple bucks each! Go check out the Photoshop Friday Summer Baker's Dozen right here: 

Grab the entire series of Photoshop Friday tutorials now, and learn throughout the summer! 

Grab the entire series of Photoshop Friday tutorials now, and learn throughout the summer! 

Today's tutorial features the GORGEOUS Traditions collection from Carta Bella (designed by our very own talented Samantha Walker), and I walk you through the steps to extract a pattern from a patterned paper to use as a sticker or an overlay on your layout!  

Here's my take on the technique, with the extracted piece in the top left corner of the photo block:

Extract an overlay from a patterned paper

Extract an overlay from a patterned paper

Extract a pattern from patterned paper in PSF #1

Extract a pattern from patterned paper in PSF #1

Remember that ALL of my classes/lessons/tutorials are always available to you forever, so head over and grab the Photoshop Friday Baker's Dozen summer series now, and learn through the summer! (I won't be selling the tutorials individually - gotta grab the set!) :) 

Have a wonderful weekend and a super Photoshop Friday! 



Happy 12.12.12!

For the last time this century, we have a very auspicious triple date today! Luck will change, stars will align, the universe will smile on us.

And to get that started, we’ve cooked up a great deal on one of my very favorite projects this year - Photohsop Friday 2012! Every Friday this year (and for the next 3 weeks), I’ve created an awesome video tutorial showing a specific technique in Photoshop, and tossed in a digital scrapbook template, AND a printable PDF showing 6 ways to use the technique. The year-long subscription included a GIANT (350MB) kit of digital items (papers, brushes, embellishments) that can be used in all these templates and beyond.

At the beginning of the year, this collection of awesomenesswas $70.

Now that we are winding down what has been a year full of change for me, and in honor of this Day of the Smiling Universe, I’m putting the 2012 Photoshop Friday on sale for $24.

With 52 tutorials, templates, that is basically .50 a lesson, even without the 52 templates to help you complete the pages right along with me. Merry and bright? Oh, I think so.

Photoshop Friday 2012 disappears on December 31. It might resurface broken up and in other formats, we’ll see. 

But this is the last opportunity to grab this screaming deal, that will help YOU:

  • get more done
  • learn a whole lot of Photoshop, and
  • feed your digital supply collecting habit (ahem)

All in one shot. Seriously good.

Here is a little preview of some of the (52!) pages you can make:

You can purchase the entire Photoshop Friday tutorial set for instant, permanent access, OR you can tell someone you really, really love them by grabbing the gift version of Photoshop Friday!


AND just because the universe is smiling on YOU particularly for reading this far, how about a FREE HOLIDAY GIFT? I’ve created a free template to celebrate the season, and here it is:

Click here to download the template in a .zip file.

Pretty nice, no? I would love to see a linkback here, or in Pinterest (my board or the board), or on our Facebook page when you complete a layout with this template!

(If you aren’t sure how a template works, consider registering for my new upcoming digital scrapbooking class called Photoshop 1 for Digital Scrapbooking. You’ll love it!)