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Make Some Memories for Valentine's Day

Memories should be kept, especially ones full of love. Whether it's a special someone, a family, a friend, or your kids, show them and the world that you are full of love with these wonderful Valentines kits from Snap Click Supply Co!

Two New Mini-Album classes

Gather your memories from a "normal day"

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so. One day I shall dig my nails into the earth, or bury my face in the pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky and want, more than all the world, your return.”

Written by Mary Jean Irion, this quote has so much passion and meaning behind it. It's a quote I always turn to when I need a reminder that it's about here and now, it might not be tomorrow. Grab some of your memorable photos, Photoshop CC or PSE, and let's make this quote into a keepsake album.


Remember 2015 forever!

Gather all your photos from 2015 and lets go on a magical journey together. In the Year In Review mini-album class, we'll make a scrapbook to remember the amazing year you've had. You'll end the class with a wonderful scrapbook that you can use for more years to come, and even years in the past. 

If You Only Take ONE Online Class In Your Life, This Is It.

Register for my Photo Editing Class!

I didn't know it then, but when I got my first digital camera, my life would change forever. In the (roughly 12) years since, I've taken tens of thousands of photographs on various cameras and devices, trying to capture the breathtaking beauty of the simple life that surrounds me. In the end, our photographs are the primary way we capture our memories and stories, and this makes them infinitely precious. I know you're the same way - you there, with at least three ways of taking photographs within arm's reach of you at all times? Yeah, I can see you. And I can tell you that when you combine your photographs with some edits in Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshopthey will truly make your heart sing. I'll show you how!

Learn My Brilliantly Simple Editing Process

This course focuses on global editing - things you can apply to an entire photo. You'll learn the basic photo editing process I use for all of my own photos, plus extra techniques to take them to the next level! You'll take photos straight from your camera (or device), through simple transformations that will have you (and your loved ones) saying WOW! You'll love what an incredible difference you can make to your own precious photos. There's nothing like the rush! I swear!

After you've got the basic process down, then the fun begins! In the remaining lessons in our course, we'll start with the basic editing process, and then I'll show you how to use Lightroom or Photoshop to:

- Adjust settings such as white balance, exposure, vibrance and color to create GORGEOUS color-drenched or crisp black-and-white photographs every time

- Crop perfectly

- Create great black-and-white and tinted photos

- Create a braggable "before & after" image to show the difference your edits make

- Add a vignette

- Sharpen for screen or print

- Straighten

- Save for both print and the web

and more!

Want a peak at what we're making in both Photo Editing courses? Well, check out this really cool black and white transformation!

Right now, all courses, including the Photo Editing courses, are 20% off! That's a great deal! 
Hurry because the sale ends December 31!

Need a gift for the GEEK in your life? I've got gifting options for each class, so you can make their holiday EXTRA bright, without even using adjustment layers! HA! Click here to find out how to gift!

Are you still paying attention? I hope so, because I'm about to spill some insider information. There are 2 new fun courses going to be available for preorder very very soon.. like within the next couple of days, possibly hours. One is a really neat album that I know you'll love and enjoy. The other is Digi 5, the next in the Digi series! I cannot wait for you to see what cool things I've got in store for both of these. You're going to love them both!

Snap Click Supply Co's 50% Off Holiday Sale

Save 50% off all products this holiday season. Shop now at the sale. Products include digital scrapbook supplies, Lightroom presets, and more. Sale ends December 31st so start downloading your favorites soon! Discount will be applied at checkout.

One Buck Wednesday 4/15

It's a done deal! All items will be only $1 on OBW, just like it should be. So, gather them all up at that awesome $1 price! Happy scrapping!

 Here are a few sample layouts using the items in today's sale. 

Spring Shebang! 60% off Classes & New Site!

I'm pleased to announce that is being redesigned and moved to a brand-new platform! 

Here is a preview of the new site! 

Here is a preview of the new site! 

Awesome, right? I can't wait! Of course I'll continue to offer the world's best online classes for digital crafters - in fact, now they'll get even better. With a redesigned, fully-responsive classroom, you'll be able to quickly view every part of the site from devices of any size, and access all your videos with just a few clicks. New table-of-contents and video-embedding features will make learning a breeze. Want a sneak peek?

This is a preview of the classroom!

This is a preview of the classroom!


New Classes, New Platform

Starting with my NEXT CLASS (read on for more on that!), all new classes will be created on the new class platform. When the new site launches, you'll find some of the newer classes available there as well.

But what about the older classes? 

Older Classes Become Archives

Rather than trying to mass-update or move all my older classes to the new  platform, we've frozen all the older classes into a permanent Archive. This means that while they won't be moved or updated, you'll still have easy, permanent access to EVERY CLASS you've ever purchased using the Archives link from the new site.

Spring Shebang! 60% Off Archive Classes!

You've probably realized that since I'm not moving the older classes to the new platform, most of my classes will never be for sale again in their current format. Before they disappear forever on May 1, I want to extend the invitation to you to grab up some of these classes to add to YOUR collection. And I'm offering them at a GREAT discount: 60% off of their original prices. $700 worth of classes! Check them out:

click here to shop the sale!

Note: If you're feeling really hungry, you can purchase the Whole Enchilada for 70% off. These are skills and knowledge to last a lifetime, but the sale ends May 1 at noon

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

I'm excited for the new changes, and looking forward to many more classes with you at With much love as we ride into the future together, 

One Buck Wednesday 4/8/15

It turns out you really loved having all the items in One Buck Wednesday all priced at $1, so we've decided to do that again this week! So yes, you can purchase all 26 items in today's sale for only $1/each. If you really love it again, we will consider making this permanent. Sound good? :)

 Here are a few sample layouts using the items in today's sale. 

One Buck Wednesday 4/1/15

Happy first day of April aka April Fool's Day! Usually that means lots of tricks and jokes are happening but not here! ALL of our items in today's OBW sale are only $1! None of this 50% off stuff! Seriously. No joke. Go check it out. ;)

 Here are a few sample layouts using the items in today's sale PLUS Design by Dani's new kit of of the month! 

Check Out My Newest Template

A great way to get your scrapbooking done quickly and have it look amazing is with templates. Snap Click Supply Company has my newest template available to you, and at 25% off, along with many other templates!

Below is the template, and 4 examples of ways to use it! Be sure to get your templates while they're on sale!

One Buck Wednesday 2/25

Save on 20 items that are on sale for $1 or 50% off! Happy saving, happy scrapping! 

 Here are a few sample layouts using the items in today's One Buck Wednesday!

Lots of Love on One Buck Wednesday!

Check out the new kit of the month by Design by Dani! Lucky in Love is $1.99 all month!

You can also save on 22 items that are for sale for $1 or 50% off!! This sale ends tonight, midnight Pacific time.

Check out a few of the items you can get on sale below, and head over to the site to see more! Hurry while they're on sale!

One Buck Wednesday Sale!

It's time for another One Buck Wednesday over at Snap Click Supply Company! Save on 20 items that are on sale for $1 or 50% off. Please be sure and make your purchase by midnight Pacific time. 

Here are a few sample layouts using the items in today's sale. Enjoy!